Seen in the press: Article about Nemera in April ‘Drug Development Delivery’


“Drug Development Delivery” magazine published an article about Nemera on Smart Inhalers.

The recently published “Drug Development Delivery” magazine includes an article from Cindy H. Dubin about Nemera:  “Add-On Connectivity Facilitates New Generation of Smart Inhalers”.

In this article, Raphaele Audibert, Global Category Manager of dermal and inhalation segment, and Hadrien Gremillet, strategic marketing analyst, Nemera, present the addition of electronic and connectivity to inhalers may improve patient adherence and, consequently, treatment efficacy.

Some mistakes could be made with basic types of inhaler as:
– Dose preparation errors
– Improperly using the device
– Improperly holding the device
– Inhalation errors

Raphaele Audibert, our Global Category Manager of inhalation & dermal is explaining: “Devices today do not have sufficient capability to provide the patient user with feedback, which is why some mistakes are made.”


Adding connectivity & electronic can be a solution to reduce or avoid mistakes and improve patient adherence.

A connected device, such as an inhaler, is connected to a smartphone app or a website to communicate with the patient. This may include sending reminders to take medication and providing usage feedback.

“Devices with add-on sensors can record how, when, and where the mechanical activation of a device took place,” says Hadrien Gremillet, Strategic Marketing Analyst, “These devices will usually provide feedback after administration of the drug, and in some cases, give real-time feedback prior to the administration, such as positioning.”


At Nemera, we already have two concepts of connected devices: e-Novelia and e-Advancia.

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