Nemera is happy to announce the launch of Novelia as Lunah by Cristalia on Brazilian market

Nemera is happy to announce the launch of Novelia as Lunah by Cristalia on Brazilian market

Cristália launches Lunah in brazilian market.


Cristália, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Brazil, launched LUNAH, a preservative-free artificial tears, through its ophthalmology division Latinofarma.

Announced in an online event for 2,000+ physicians, LUNAH was launched in the brazilian market in two concentrations of hyaluronic acid, bringing relevant benefits in its formulation.

LUNAH is the company’s first preservative-free artificial tear, and is the result of a partnership between the laboratory and NEMERA, the world leader in the development and production of drug delivery devices for pharmaceutical industries.

The product reinforces Cristália’s commitment to innovation and the development of products that contribute to an improvement in people’s quality of life.

“Lunah was developed with science and technique, focusing on the quality of hyaluronic acid, from the source of the polymer, to ideal viscosity and molecular weight, one of the most important attributes for the treatment of patients with dry eye. Delivered to the consumer in Novelia®, a safe and easy to use multi-dose bottle, Lunah unites technology, quality, innovation and a good cost, democratizing the use of preservative-free eye drops in the Brazilian market”, says Ricardo Pacheco, Chairman at Cristália.

About Cristália

Cristália, founded 49 years ago, is a 100% brazilian Pharmaceutical, Pharmachemical, Biotechnological, Research, Development and Innovation Industrial Complex. It is a pioneer in execute the complete chain of a medication, from the research and development of the molecule to the final product. Cristália has 116 patents worldwide, being the national record holder. In anesthesia, it is the market leader in Latin America.

The Cristália Group has around 5,600 employees, including related companies, such as Laboratories BioChimico and IMA. |

Founded in 2002 and acquired by Cristália in 2015, Latinofarma produces a portfolio focused on Ophthalmology with about 30 products in approximately 40 presentations, including: artificial tears, anti-inflammatory and associations, anti-infectives and food supplements with exclusive formulations in the Brazilian market.

About Nemera

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