A company is reborn

A company is reborn



A new name

  • From the Greek Emera, meaning day:
    renewal, fresh hope, life …
  • From the Hebrew ane Arabic Nemer, meaning
    leopard: swiftness, efficiency, agility …


  • An italic font for dynamism
  • Lower case and roundness for proximity
  • Orange for warmth and health
  • The energy of the capital N, a symbol for technology and innovation.

For a renewed commitment


We put patients first

Our renewed commitment to provide safe and accurate delivery devices. Even more freedom, comfort and hope of faster recovery for the patients.

Even more passionate, innovative and ambitious

“Today, an exciting new adventure begins. I am very pleased to introduce you to Nemera, our new company name. We work hand-in-hand with pharmaceutical companies to design, develop and manufacture the drug delivery devices that help patients every day.

By focusing on solutions that make patients’ lives easier and safer, we have built a strong portfolio of innovative proprietary products and technologies. Over the next five years, you will see many more of Nemera’s own products being used by patients who take medication for asthma, glaucoma, allergic rhinitis, amongst other conditions.

Our customers trust our teams to deliver flawlessly and on-time in industrializing and manufacturing their devices. Our ambition is to grow Nemera by fifty percent by 2018. To do so, we will keep investing in new products, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and clean rooms, all with the goal of providing more and more patients, all over the world, with reliable and robust dispensing devices”

Marc Haemel, CEO