Innovation & Development

Innovation & Development

Innovation at the heart of our business

New drugs and new regulations make it mandatory to imagine new methods of delivering drugs: safer, more accurate, less invasive devices. Innovation is key to answering the needs of both patients and pharmaceutical companies.

Nemera’s Innovation Center

The scope of the Innovation Center includes the collection of patients’ insights, market watch,concept generation, IP monitoring, regulatory expertise, detailed risk based design, design for manufacturing and support to plants for product life-cycle management and problem solving when appropriate.

Proprietary devices and contract development

The Innovation Center applies the same quality-oriented process to the development of proprietary devices, to customized solutions and to devices fully-owned by customers. It guarantees full compliance not only of the final device but of all the development process, as well as the respect of timelines and quotes.
In any cases, the New Product Innovation process – NPI – guarantees that development follows the strictest rules to obviate risks and comply to regulations.

OF NEMERA’S PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT”Dimitri Grasswill, Innovation Director