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Nemera: we put patients first

CPHI Worldwide 2017

Faustine MUNOZ – How to deliver sterile eye drops with a safer alternative to preservatives?

CPHI worldwide 2017

Nicholas FLEXAS – How Nemera is passionate about their purpose to put patients first at everything they do?

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Most people with #glaucoma are treated with eye drops which help to lower the pressure in your eye, and reduce loss of vision. There are a number of eye drops and various aids that help people to take eye drops correctly #eyehealth

👁👁 In an interview with @EPM_Magazine, Fanny Sellier, shares insights about how connected drug delivery solutions may help with patient adherence in the ophthalmic space #weputpatientsfirts #drugdeliverydevices #ophthalmic #eNovelia

Do you think you may have #COPD? Check out this video to see how COPD is diagnosed.

A strong plastic container + duct tape + trash can = safe needle disposal. Learn the safe and legal way for disposing of used sharps at #safetyisthepoint

If your #eyes constantly feel dry, gritty or sandy, you may suffer from #dryeye syndrome. Other #symptoms include red, irritated or sore eyes, and difficulty wearing #contactlenses. #optometry #ophthalmology #eyecare #eyehealth

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